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Allen Carr's Method

Congratulations for taking your first step towards quitting smoking, vaping or alcohol. Here you’ll learn how Allen Carr’s method works, why it’s so different to the usual methods, why you won’t need willpower and how our high success rate enables us to offer you a unique money back guarantee.

Your journey to quitting smoking, vaping or alcohol easily and happily starts here.

Understand why you do it

Change how you see it

Remove the fear

Find your freedom

How Allen Carr’s Method Works

Allen Carr's method is different.

There are no scare tactics, no horrible pictures, no substitutes, pills, lasers or gimmicks. It’s not hypnosis, mind over matter or positive thinking and we won’t bang on about why you shouldn’t do it (which you already know).

Instead we’ll focus on why you continue to smoke, vape or drink alcohol despite knowing the obvious disadvantages.

Allen Carr’s method will question and challenge what you think you know or believe about it. We’ll explode the myths that keep you hooked and by changing the way you think about it, will remove your desire so that you’ll have no reason to do it…ever again.

Step 1 - Understanding the issue - habit or addiction?

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A habit is a repeated behavior that you choose to do... but are you really doing it out of choice? If you genuinely had a choice, you’d choose not to do it and wouldn’t be reading this.

With addiction the drug controls you which is the complete opposite of choice. All addicts – and yes, it is addiction – are aware of the negatives of consuming. The health risks, the money, the stigma, the effect on your family, the slavery etc.

But most addicts believe there’s some benefit or pleasure in return and that stopping means making a sacrifice or ‘giving up’.

Step 2 - Change your thinking

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In reality there is nothing to give up, but most people believe there is some benefit or pleasure which feels like a mental battle going on in your head:

“It’s killing me…but it relaxes me”

“It’s expensive…but it gives me a break”

“It’s consuming me…but I enjoy it”

How do you feel when you think about quitting? Do you feel happy and excited? Or does it make you feel anxious, nervous or even scared?

For most people it’s the latter and of course when you feel this way, you reach for the drug in the belief that it’s going to help you when in fact, it’s the cause of your anxiety. And so the cycle of addiction continues.

The truth is, it’s a tug of war of fear:

How can I enjoy life or cope with stress without smoking, vaping, alcohol etc?

You know you shouldn’t do it but you still want to and this is what we call the willpower approach; also known as not being allowed to do something that you want to do.

It’s unpleasant, it’s miserable, it’s difficult and it usually ends in failure.

Just the thought of giving up our crutch or pleasure makes us block out the negatives, feel anxious and decide that we’re not quite ready yet.

At some point in your life you've probably tried to cut down or control your intake but this just makes it seem even more precious and the problem becomes consuming.

It’s not so much that we want it in our lives, but that we can’t imagine life without it. Sound familiar?

Step 3 - Remove the fear of quitting


You may not realize that 99% of the problem is mental and just 1% is physical.

If it was purely physical you’d wake up in the night in pain from withdrawal.

1% is your physical addiction to the drug; 99% is your psychological addiction to the belief that it helps you through life or that you enjoy it.

By changing how you think about it and realizing there are no benefits whatsoever, we’ll break the addiction by removing your psychological dependency.

If you have no desire to do something, it requires no willpower not to do it and the whole process becomes easy and enjoyable.

It is fear that keeps us trapped.

Fear of the negatives of doing it, fear of loss, fear of giving up and fear of life never being the same again.

Once you understand how the addiction trap works, you'll have no desire to smoke, vape or drink alcohol and at the same time your fear of quitting will be removed.

Step 4 - Find your freedom


When using Allen Carr's Easyway method you will enjoy a feeling of freedom right from the start.

All feelings of deprivation are removed and even in the case of serious addiction the physical withdrawal is hardly noticeable.

Our facilitators, every one of whom quit with Allen Carr’s method, will help you to understand your addiction, change how you think about it and remove your desire to do it.

Backed by a genuine Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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