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Thank you for visiting and congratulations on taking a step closer towards regaining your life from alcohol.

Whether you feel that you are drinking too much alcohol; lose control as a result of consistent binge drinking or feel you have a serious alcohol dependency, it has affected your life enough for you to be reading this.

Often we have a little voice in our heads telling us that today is the day we’ll stop drinking. As the day unfolds, alcohol withdrawal is taking place and the stress builds. By the time we get home we feel that we've earned a drink, so the cans or bottles are opened as we tell ourselves that tomorrow will be different. Sound familiar?

If you have struggled to control your intake of alcohol you probably feel that you have failed on countless occasions. This failure adds to the stress and we binge or crave alcohol at the same time that we’re trying to reduce our intake. We know we have a problem but don’t want to face up to it. This makes us struggle even more and the downward spiral begins to pick up pace.

The great news is it wasn’t you who failed; it was the approach to stopping drinking that you followed which failed. Fortunately you don’t have to battle for the rest of your life because Allen Carr’s Easyway have applied the principles of their phenomenally successful stop smoking method to the issue of alcohol addiction.

How Allen Carr's Method Works

The aim of our alcohol seminars is to help each participant gain absolute freedom from alcohol, and yes, that does mean you quit drinking completely. You might be unsure about whether you even want to achieve that which is part of the issue. You'd prefer to carry on drinking but at a 'safe' level that suits you.

The alcohol seminars are designed to change your perception of drinking. We don't focus on the reasons you should stop drinking which you already know; instead we'll look at the reasons why you do drink. Once you truly understand these, alcohol will no longer be an issue for you.

The seminar will help you understand why you drink alcohol and why you have found it so difficult to quit in the past. It covers every aspect of drinking from whether you think you do it out of habit, for time out, to socialise, relieve stress or simply because you enjoy it.

There are no scare tactics or shocking images of the harm that drinking does. Instead we examine and correct the misconceptions that keep all drinkers trapped.

Not just the physical addiction to alcohol but the mental aspect as well and you may be surprised to learn that the addiction is partly physical but mostly mental.

More detail: How Allen Carr's method works.

6 hour small group seminar

Money Back Guarantee

Terms and conditions apply

Free online follow up seminars and support for 3 months

Simple, effective, drug free approach

The Seminar Program

The full program consists of 3 different sessions. Most people find the initial 6 hour session is enough to become a happy non-drinker but the subsequent shorter 3 to 4 hour sessions are included free for those that need a little extra support.

The follow up seminars are different to the initial seminar and are all conducted live online via Zoom.

The Money Back Guarantee

The reason we offer a money back guarantee is so that you can try our approach without financial risk. We are unique amongst established cessation services in offering this kind of guarantee.

As long as you complete the programme as specified in our terms we will refund your fee.

Please read: Terms and conditions

Your Facilitators

Horton McCormick, stop drinking facilitator

Horton McCormick


Oliver Lewis

Our facilitators were drinkers who quit with Allen Carr's Easyway so they know how you feel and more importantly they know how to quit.

Meet the team

Online Seminar Requirements

A reliable internet connection
A desktop, laptop or tablet with a webcam and microphone. Larger screen size is better
A quiet, comfortable space

Seminar Features

Live and interactive with an experienced Allen Carr facilitator
Free live online follow up sessions for 3 months
Works for all drinkers - young, old, light, heavy etc.
Private and workplace seminars available

Upcoming Seminars

  • October 2021

  • Oct

    Quit Alcohol Live Online USA

    Sunday 10 October 10:00 MDT - 16:00 MDT
    • $450.00 incl.
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  • Oct

    Quit Alcohol Live Online USA

    Saturday 30 October 10:00 MDT - 16:00 MDT
    • $450.00 incl.
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  • November 2021

  • Nov

    Quit Alcohol Live Online USA

    Sunday 21 November 10:00 MST - 16:00 MST
    • $450.00 incl.
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  • December 2021

  • Dec

    Quit Alcohol Live Online USA

    Sunday 12 December 10:00 MST - 16:00 MST
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